Did you say avocado ice cream?


Did you say avocado ice cream? Well, yes I did!  Don’t be scared, it’s totally different than it sounds.  OK, so vegans know about the versatility of avocados and are clearly more open to crazy sounding ideas like this – we’ve all had some Chocolate Mousse made with avocados, right?  When I found Tanner O’Dell I just plain fell in love with this kid.  Yes, he’s a kid and he’s got way more on his resume than I do!  Check out his recipe for Avocado Ice Cream here.  {I used a few tablespoons of agave nectar to sweeten mine instead of stevia.}   Take my word for it, the ice cream maker is a must.  I tried it both ways and wouldn’t recommend doing it without.  Does this sound like something you would try?  What other ice creams have you made?  I’ve been dreaming of another wacky ice cream idea – stay posted for that one once I master it….