Today I feel more like a turtle than a gazelle…

We all have those days where we feel sub-human rather than super-human.  Today is one of those days for me.  I know a good old fashion run will cure me, but I’m feeling more like a turtle than a gazelle.  Umph!  Out into the wind I go {I strongly dislike wind}. Why is it so windy here?  Did I mention I don’t like the wind?



No excuses

It’s cold and windy outside.  Lennox will be cold.  Excuses excuses.  We can all make up some good ones can’t we.  I needed some motivation to get out of my jammies and into my running gear, so I called my husband.  He’s in Brazil and I’m in Utah {pretty sad huh}.  It’s blazing hot as always in Recife and he still gets out to run, makes my weather seem ideal.  Shoot.  Guess I better go run NOW!

I was mentally searching for an excuse.

Green Ginger Pear Smoothie

Green Ginger Pear Smoothie

Yesterday I did a little bit smoothie bashing {please forgive me smoothie gods}.  All it took was one day sans smoothie and I’m back and ready for more.  Smoothies are the best way for me to pack in some serious … Continue reading

Rio Marathon 2012 – realizing a dream

Two years I fell in love again.  I fell in love with the most beautiful city on earth – Rio.  My husband and I were on a mini-vacation of sorts, that we quickly turned into a two week vacation – I simply did not want to leave.  While we were there we actually thought about not leaving and making Rio our new home, but reality set in, we had recently moved to Recife, Brazil to be closer to his family and well most of his family wasn’t in Rio so we decided not to move.  Bummer.  We were there during the marathon – had we known in advance we would have participated in some part of the race.  I was sad we couldn’t race.   We did however, wake early on race day, grabbed a juice and walked down to watch the race.  That day I promised myself {and my husband} I was going to be there the following year and not just as a spectator.   A miracle happened that didn’t allow me to keep my promise{ I became pregnant with Lennox and yes it was a miracle}.  Last year around race time, I still hadn’t forgotten my promise although Lennox was only one month old. Darn.  This year I am going to realize my dream!  And even better my two favorite guys get to do it with me.  Joe has promised to run with me so we can do it as a family, although going at my pace is truly going to kill him, we will cross the finish line together. 1 + 1 = 3  What dreams are you going to realize this year?