Today I feel more like a turtle than a gazelle…

We all have those days where we feel sub-human rather than super-human.  Today is one of those days for me.  I know a good old fashion run will cure me, but I’m feeling more like a turtle than a gazelle.  Umph!  Out into the wind I go {I strongly dislike wind}. Why is it so windy here?  Did I mention I don’t like the wind?



No excuses

It’s cold and windy outside.  Lennox will be cold.  Excuses excuses.  We can all make up some good ones can’t we.  I needed some motivation to get out of my jammies and into my running gear, so I called my husband.  He’s in Brazil and I’m in Utah {pretty sad huh}.  It’s blazing hot as always in Recife and he still gets out to run, makes my weather seem ideal.  Shoot.  Guess I better go run NOW!

I was mentally searching for an excuse.