These are the questions I seem to get all the time…Especially from family members.  They think they can “talk me out of it” or say things like, “this won’t last long”.   At that point I just smile, nod and keep on keepin’ on.

What is a vegan?

A vegan is someone who doesn’t consume animal products or bi-products.  In a general way of saying things, it’s like a vegetarian to the second power.  Like vegetarians, we don’t eat meat but we also omit eggs and dairy from our daily diets.

So, what CAN you eat?

Anything that doesn’t have a face.  Eating strictly a plant based diet has really expanded my diet actually.  The typical American eats the same things everyday, most of which are terrible for you.  Before becoming vegan I rarely thought outside the box when it came to meal planning.  I always incorporated plenty of greens and other veggies, but never experimented much with nuts, legumes and grains.  My diet now is much more varied than before.  It’s quite exciting!

Don’t you miss bacon?

Surprise.  The answer in NO.  I like to have a mindful approach to meals.  Tasting everything and experiencing the flavors in each bite is where it’s at.  I simply couldn’t do that when I ate meat.  It disgusts me to think about where it came from.  So absolutely not, I do not miss bacon.

How can you bake without eggs or milk?

See this link below for tips!



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