There is nothin’ better.

Amigos, friends, people….I have to say….I have missed CAFFEINE far more that I would have ever guessed.  My little one is officially 1 year old.  Which means, bring on the caffeine.  Right?  I’m sorry.  I gave up coffee and tea … Continue reading

Terra do Sol

Oi, tudo bem galera? Hello there.  It’s been quite a while friends.  Life has been happening and I’ve been caught up in catching up to my life here in Fortaleza, Brazil.  They called it Terra do Sol because it is so damn hot all the time.  Adjusting to a new city, the weather and being a wife again has kept me away from the blog much longer than expected.  Here is another reason why I’ve been gone:


Watching these two play together has been exactly how I dreamed it would be.  Lennox and I were in the US for 6 months while Daddy was taking care of business here in Brazil.  They had a lot of catching up to do.

We arrived at the beginning of June, we planned this of course to make sure we could all be together for Lennox’s first birthday!  Making the 24 hour journey by myself with the little guy actually wasn’t as bad as I expected.  The key to an easy trip was traveling late in the day so we could sleep most the way.  We got really lucky and had a row all to ourselves on the longest flight from Chicago to Sao Paulo.  We both slept most the way.  A huge difference from our last trip – which consisted of NO SLEEPING at all.


Lucky me, my husband works in produce.  I have an unlimited supply of yummy fruits and veggies coming my way everyday.  Sounds dreamy right?  Here is something delicious we had the other day:


Chu chu com cenoura e cebola.  Chayote squash with carrots and onions and my favorite assortment of spices called tempero Baiano.  Yum yum.

As our house gets more in order I should be posting more and more.  Until next time!


Very Berry Goji Smoothie

Finally after all the illness and moving Lennox and I are finally getting back into the groove.  We’re staying with my grandma to help her out. She just got out of a rehab center after a nasty fall.  {Please God, don’t let me get old!}  Just more motivation to keep moving everyday and eat a healthy diet full of life.  Grandma is too stubborn to take my advice on eating less processed junk, heck, we’re lucky to get her to eat at all. It just kills me to sit back and let her eat that “fake” food.  What can I do?  Just keep on nourishing myself and my wee one with a smile on my face…right? Let’s start with a smoothie – how about a yummy Very Berry Goji Smoothie packed with antioxidants to keep us young.  Don’t mind if I do…


Very Berry Goji Smoothie

1 big handful of mixed frozen berries

5 strawberries

1 small handful of goji berries

1 cup coconut milk

Directions: Whiz everything in your magic bullet or blender.  Sprinkle with chia seeds and enjoy with giggles and a good book.

Did you say avocado ice cream?


Did you say avocado ice cream? Well, yes I did!  Don’t be scared, it’s totally different than it sounds.  OK, so vegans know about the versatility of avocados and are clearly more open to crazy sounding ideas like this – we’ve all had some Chocolate Mousse made with avocados, right?  When I found Tanner O’Dell I just plain fell in love with this kid.  Yes, he’s a kid and he’s got way more on his resume than I do!  Check out his recipe for Avocado Ice Cream here.  {I used a few tablespoons of agave nectar to sweeten mine instead of stevia.}   Take my word for it, the ice cream maker is a must.  I tried it both ways and wouldn’t recommend doing it without.  Does this sound like something you would try?  What other ice creams have you made?  I’ve been dreaming of another wacky ice cream idea – stay posted for that one once I master it….



Today I feel more like a turtle than a gazelle…

We all have those days where we feel sub-human rather than super-human.  Today is one of those days for me.  I know a good old fashion run will cure me, but I’m feeling more like a turtle than a gazelle.  Umph!  Out into the wind I go {I strongly dislike wind}. Why is it so windy here?  Did I mention I don’t like the wind?


Quick Mango Coconut Lime Soup


Today was one of those days – ya know what I mean.  After my workout and the usual evening routine of feeding and bathing the little one I just wasn’t up for anything big in the kitchen.  So, I just added a little bit of what I had in the fridge to make a yummy soup.  No measurements, but here is what’s in it:

Quick Mango Coconut Lime Soup

coconut milk

black bean

mango salsa

cherry tomatoes



hot sauce

doTERRA lemongrass oil

doTERRA lime oil

black rice