This is our family - I'm 5 months pregnant with Lennox here.

I believe that we live in such an amazing world and that we have been given all the tools needed to live happy, healthy and vibrant lives.  It’s my passion to share with the world how to be the best you can be by loving ourselves and pushing ourselves to be remarkable.  How we feed ourselves is the starting point of it all.  Eating a colorful and excitingly diverse plant-based diet is a wonderful way to love yourself and your planet.  In addition to yummy healthy food, essential oils are a fantastic tool to help our bodies do the work to achieve balance and harmony and this blog will share how my family does that.  Everyday I have fun preparing meals for my son and absolutely love watching him experience new flavors and textures.  We share the same taste and I find that fascinating!  Please enjoy our experiences and feel free to give us any tips to help us achieve vegan bliss!  Thanks for stopping by.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Crystal,
    Thanks for following our blog! If your family ever visits California, we’d like to invite you to our restaurant 🙂 Keep blogging and sharing the vegan message ❤

    Best wishes to you!

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