There is nothin’ better.

Amigos, friends, people….I have to say….I have missed CAFFEINE far more that I would have ever guessed.  My little one is officially 1 year old.  Which means, bring on the caffeine.  Right?  I’m sorry.  I gave up coffee and tea when I found out I was pregnant over one year and nine months ago (real tears were shed).  WOW.  Why don’t we put this into perspective.  Before pregnancy = 2 pots of coffee plus some tea everyday.  YES, it’s for real people.  Caffeine – WOW!  My CASA was sooooo clean – I was in heaven.  I brew green tea at night so I can chill it and drink it in the morning.  I made the  mistake of drinking my brew all day – which left me AWAKe aWAke AwAke all night.  Seriously, I would have never thought green tea had this power – but after caffeine soberity I can say that IT is REAL!  Be careful – BUT enjoy it’s magic folks.  I don’t need to explain the benefits here.  GOOGLE is your friend.  Antioxidants, fat burning, clear skin – you name it – plus a CLEAN house.  Come on Peeps.  Here’s a peek at my brew:

It is strong so I add Slim & Sassy (doTERRA oil) plus some water.  I only drink it till noon – otherwise I’m literally up all night.  Click here to read about the benefits of green tea.


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