Goji snackers

This blog still exists {I promise}, although it seems I’ve disappeared, I haven’t exactly.  One week ago while in Lake Havasu for business I had a little water skiing accident.  Oops!  Let me start from the beginning.  My business partner Amy and I were in Lake Havasu promoting our doTERRA business.  We had a successful two days in the blazing heat and were on our way to Santa Monica when the AC went out in her car.  It just so happened to be 112 degrees at the time.  We couldn’t have stopped at a better mechanic shop to hear the bad news {turns out the guy was a friend of my Dads}.  It was going to take two days to get the necessary parts so we decided to head back to my Dad’s.  I decided to take advantage of the situation and sneak in some more skiing time before the sun went down.  I buckled Lennox in his life jacket and off we went for some fun on the river.  I had already skied my heart out in the morning but was fresh and ready for some more.  The water was perfect so I just kept going and going telling myself I would stop when the water got bad – it never did.  The sun was setting and shining right in my eyes, just when I was about ready to stop I somehow caught and edge or something and had one of the worst crashes ever.  Somehow I was pulled into the splits with the ski twisted and  I don’t know what else.  All I knew was that I really had hurt myself.  Ouch.  I couldn’t get the ski off or even move.  I was shaking so bad and was in terrible pain.  My Dad got the ski off and used his life guarding techniques to get me back into the boat.  Lennox immediately wanted me to hold him, but I couldn’t stop shaking.  I was in shock.  Hugging Lennox we got underway back to the house.  I couldn’t straighten my leg, at all.  My Dad carried me back to the house and I laid on the floor in great pain.  Luckily Amy is a massage therapist and she immediately got to work on my leg, massaging lemongrass, frankincense and Deep Blue into my leg.  We decided to make the trek back to Utah in the middle of the night since we were without an AC.  We arrived home at 4am.  Amy’s husband Jon is a chiropractor {check out Jon’s blog} and lucky for me was willing to get out of bed and x-ray my leg to make sure nothing was broke.  The good news was I didn’t break anything, the bad news it was going to take a long while to heal.  Jon adjusted me and sent me on my way, I was actually able to straighten my leg after he adjusted me.  I’ve been diligently applying lemongrass, frankincense and patchouli to help heal the muscles and reduce the swelling.  What a blessing the oils have been in my recovery.  Who knows where I would be without out them.  It’s been one week and I’m walking much better than I expected.  The pain is still intense, but I’ve been healing myself from the inside by eating well and drinking loads of water.  I’ve been staying off my leg as much as possible and haven’t made anything yummy or exciting vegan treats to post lately.  I did forget to share with you all my Goji Snackers I made for our trip to Havasu last week, so I will share now:


Goji Snackers

2 cups whole almonds

pinch of salt

12 dates

1/3 cup coconut butter

5 drops doTERRA lemon oil

1 cup goji berries

1/3 cup salba or chia seeds

water as needed


Whizz almonds and salt in a food processor until finely chopped.  Add dates, coconut butter and lemon oil.  Pulse in salba and add water till a moldable consistency is achieved.  Mix in goji berries by hand.  Roll into balls and enjoy.




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